Why don’t “diets” work for most people ??

Why don’t “diets” work for most people ??

They’re too extreme .

They completely cut out entire food groups . They require you to skip meals for hours or days at a time . They require you to avoid some of your most favourite foods. They require you to be at they gym 7 days per week . They tell you to eat very little calories per day or only eat cabbage soup .

❗The problem isn’t you – it’s the diet !

You do NOT need to be extreme to accomplish your weight loss or nutrition goals .

The goal is consistency .

How do you become consistent ???

You choose the healthiest eating pattern and lifestyle that you ENJOY 

Yes, when choosing consistency , your progess may be slower than when you completely eliminate every “less nourishing ” food and work out 7 days a week .

BUT , you are happier AND you are developing healthier habits that you continue for the rest of your life ✨ So, not only do you lose the weight – you FINALLY keep the weight off !!


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