White rice v/s Brown rice

Is brown rice better than white rice ?? One of the most popular myths that we hear being in the health & fitness industry is that ” Brown rice is better than white rice .”

➡️ This statement not at all true ! Usually people support this statement saying ” it has more fiber hence it’s better “.

➡️Just because it has 2 grams extra fiber doesn’t make it ” better ” than white rice . Instead , it actually carries 20 calories more compared to white rice . Though 20 calories aren’t significant,but does that mean that we can call white rice “healthier” than brown rice ? Sadly , no ❌

➡️That 2 grams extra fiber can easily be taken in the form of veggies . More fiber doesn’t mean healthier . We have to consider the overall context and the overall diet for anything to be healthy / unhealthy .

➡️If you like the taste of brown rice better . Then by all means go ahead and have brown rice .

➡️If you like the taste of white rice better , then have white rice . The point is to make it a lifestyle and to choose the food items taht you can have ok a daily basis and not for a day or two .

➡️WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM WHITE RICE? • Athletes with performance goals. White rice is a decent post-workout/post-training form of glucose to help replenish muscle glycogen with. If you need carbohydrates to fuel long-duration workouts, rice is a good addition to eat.
Hard-gainers (those struggling to gain or maintain weight on a real food plan). • Active children.  kids are more likely to load up on the veggies and healthful fats in a meal if there is a little rice involved. And I would rather them eat white rice once in awhile as part of a nutritious meal than other grains! • Those with adrenal fatigue or cortisol imbalance. Sometimes an very-low-carb nutrition plan can stress the adrenals. White rice is low-risk safe.

➡️WHO MAY NOT BENEFIT FROM WHITE RICE? • Those with metabolic syndrome or diabetes. An emphasis on moderate quality proteins, natural fats and colorful fibrous vegetables is ideal for someone with blood sugar disregulation. • Those with leaky gut. Any grain can be tough on an unhealthy gut. It’s important to focus on gut healing foods before introducing grain.