Our thoughts program us for success or failure .

We are OFTEN our own worst critic!
Our self -talk can be positive and productive or it can be negative and self- defeating.
Negative self- talk often begins with :-
❌ “I can’t” *
❌ ” I shouldn’t, or *
❌ ” But ….” *
Our thoughts determine our behaviour and influence our actions .
So what are you saying to yourself ????? *
1. Listen to your thoughts — pay attention for repetitive, unwanted thoughts playing in the background of your mind. Pay CLOSE attention to the thoughts that are triggering unwanted behaviours , such as problematic eating . *
2. Write down your thoughts 

3. Stop unwanted thoughts ❌ before it becomes exaggerated or leads to a train of unwanted thoughts. *
4. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts .. what would you say to your best friend if she was having the same thought?? Or find a positive self-talk phrase you find powerful and use it .
5.practice !! It takes time but eventually positive self-talk will become easier . *
Focus on the conversation you’re having with yourself ! Is it uplifting? Positive ? Encouraging? *
Give yourself some grace ✨
Start your self-talk with “I can , I will or its okay I’m human ” and program yourself for success! ✌️✨ #selfenergy #selflove #selftalk #positiveenergy #positivity #positivevibes #bepositive #talkpositive #beproductive #bebettereveryday #spreadpositivity #spreadkindness #instafam #fitnessblogger #musclemom