Exercise is a celebration not a punishment 😉

While excercise has been shown to burn some calories ,it’s also been shown to: ✅Reduces stress✅Build self-esteem✅Improve flexibility✅ Release endorphins (feel-good harmones )✅Fight dementia✅ Alleviate anxiety✅Boost productivity✅Improve quality sleeping✅Improve sleep✅Lower high blood pressure✅Improve your cholesterol levels✅Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and certain cancers ✅ Prevent muscles loss/maintain lean body mass✅ Improve oxygen supply✅ …

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Homemaker to Muscle Mom! — Mamatha, a ‘simple, hard working village girl’, battled stereotypes, shaped her body and confidence to become one of India’s top bodybuilders.

Inspire to aspire ✨

There is no defination for a good day or a bad day . It all depends on you and your thoughts that either you rule the day or the day rules you .