Client spotlight

#clienttestimonial Meet @nithins_gowda !!! This transformation took 6 months with ups and downs and lot of challenges to achieve this physique . Yes , it might be hard to achieve a good physique but it’s not that too hard and impossible either.  You can observe a good change in his overall physique . Proud of …

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And what if I told you that pill was EXERCISE ?????
Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health 🙌
It’s a celebration of what your body can do , not a punishment of what you ate . Find movement you enjoy !!!
Does anything on this list surprise you ?? What’s your favourite way to move ???
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Do I have any perfectionists around you here ???
Not sure ??.

Have you made a plan to start healthy lifestyle , only to re-start it over and over again ??
Things didn’t go perfectly to your plan , so you start again Monday or the 1st of next month for a “clean slate” ?
This is perfectionism…
💯 I’m here to tell you “perfect” does not exist, especially with eating.
When u set such high expectations of yourself , to eat perfectly or be perfectly consistent with exercise , you set up yourself for failure.

Because the minute you vary from your plan, even slightly, you abandon your entire effort !

I went way off track , so now it’s doesn’t matter , I’ll eat how I want and then try again on Monday .

💯 the only thing that stops your progress is quitting !!!
Healthy eating is not a single food choice . A less nourishing meal /day/weekend / week does not derail your progress, quitting does!!
Throw your hands up 🙌🙌🙌🙌 for not quitting and always progressing forward .
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Sportz business magzine

Thank you so much !!!!! @sportzbusiness magazine for featuring me .✨ I’m so honoured!! And so grateful  #sportzbusiness #magazine #magazinefeature #fitindia #fitmom #fitnation #fitness #inspiretobebetter #inspiretoaspire #stromgmom #goals #dreams #passion #beliveinyourself #misclemom

Sunday cabs 🤣

SUNDAY …….. Ok while it’s not exactly true , I do want you to keep HAPPINESS in mind while you’re working on building healthier habits .  If you’re not happy cutting out carbs – don’t . ✨綾 If you’re not happy eating salad – don’t. ✨️ If you’re not happy going to the gym …

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Handful of nuts ??

Handful of nuts ??…➡️ Dry fruits / Nuts are really calorie dense. They are high in healthy fats and hence high in calories . …➡️One of the most common things you’ll hear is to have a handful of nuts when you get hungry since nuts are supposedly healthy (which is true ). …➡️But what you …

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Client Spotlights ✨

#throwbackthursday Client spotlights ✨ @harish_gowda_28 Very inspiring journey .He is a BAC student studying in national collage Bangalore . Part time he is doing trainer job to pursue his passion ✌️ Very proud of him 珞 Last year 2019 September 30th we bang the Mr Bangalore University Title 磊 and yes that’s an end. We …

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Quarantine transformation

Quarantine Transformation  #onlineclienttransformation @dapper_muscles .✨We started Fat loss program from January . This may surprise you But on the left , his training was perfectly TUNED IN ️.✨On the right , not as tuned in at all , doing home Workouts with limited house hold equipments & not as consistent . ✨So what is …

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